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During the last edition of our festival La Vallée Électrique, in June 2022, a participative workshop was held.

Our dear Emiliano, from the French collective Le Séquenceur, equipped about twenty festival-goers with portable recorders. Our digital shaman accompanied these novices in the nature to teach them how to make field recording.

These are amateur recordings that you can listen to today. Festival-goers who have recorded the sounds of our beautiful valley, with their hearts, to learn something new, but also for their own pleasure.

The project:

1. Compose a song using this sample bank.

2. Send a pre-master before 31 December 2022.

3. Try your chance to be released on a VA. One track will be remixed by Luigi Tozzi.
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Note: there must be at least one element of the sample bank, and for the other instruments there is no limitation.