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About us

Melifera Records is a label, magazine and events organisation. Formerly known as System11, we are the creators of La Vallée Electrique festival and many other deep techno events. Created in 2014, we have developed from an events organisation to a well-rounded platform dedicated to electronic music culture. 

Through our podcast series, EP releases and articles, our mission is to represent the modern and emerging electronic scene as a myriad of interconnected singularities. We focus on deep & dub techno, breakbeat and sometimes more robust techno styles, with a determination to bring out the textured and emotional beauty of techno to a wider audience. A sub-label has recently emerged, Polën is focusing on ambient and downtempo, a veritable laboratory of listening music, centralising its research around emotions and collective intelligence.

Events often primarily focus on the musical component, unintentionally side-lining the importance of digital arts and visuals. We value the holistic symbiosis of art and music. As a results, our short film festival and VJing competition tint the Melifera hive with many colours.

Our organisation was born in the hills of the Drôme Provençale region in the South of France, where most of our team hails from and where our festival takes place everything year. Our day to day takes place in Marseille, and we travel throughout the country for our event services


Arthur Bohl

Corentin Mouveaux


Paul Reve La Vallée Electrique

Paul Fresnel

Emiliano Germain

Emiliano Germain

Shani De Vecchi

Cover podcast - LVE2023

Emma Gomes



Yohann Muraour

Elio Romero

Elio Romero

Kévin Pasteur

Simon Granet

La Vallée Électrique team

Daisy de Montjoye

Daisy de Montjoye


Simon Safar

Léopold Escude

Marie Daccache

IMG_3208 (1)

Magali Sauvant-Magnet


Adéle Granet

Antoine Leclercq

Quentin Biscos

Gaetan Daubige

Gaétan Daubige


Luc Bordas


Jérémie Solarythm

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